I believe in my own skin potential...

"The power of human beings has infinite possibilities. Creating a better society by demonstrating it. "

Based on the philosophy of "pursuing the essence"

I've been doing it for 30 years.

The SEOL Beauty Division is working under the concept of "Simple is Beautiful".

We are aging naturally, You cannot escape from the dryness caused by

the environment. As a result, the water retention capacity gradually decreases,

Because it becomes difficult to maintain moisturization

You will not be able to exert the original power of your skin.

The shortcut to beautiful skin is to arrange the lamellar structure.

The golden ratio between the amount of water and the amount of sebum

The original power of the skin is brought out.

Therefore, paying attention to the fact that moisturizing sustainability is the key,

SEOL Essence Gel was born.

When your skin is clean, it makes you happy to look in the mirror

every day and makes you want to touch it.
The smiles will increase and the impression given to the people 

around you will be soft, gentle, and warm.

I hope that you will have healthy and beautiful skin.

It will become true.

I love you.

小崎 京子


Kyoko Kosaki

Studio Essence Inc.

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